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February Update

Update for the February 2022 period, including details of the next event, in March 2022.

At last, on Friday 4th February 2022, DBHS managed to run a successful in-person meeting in Dalgety Bay Community Centre. The presentation was about the Ravenscraig Allotments in Kirkcaldy by David Wann who was instrumental in setting them up. Apart from the low numbers, which was expected, it was a good meeting and has started conversations about a future visit to Ravenscraig. We had a raffle at the meeting, but no teas and coffees were served.

Photoraph of Ravenscraig allotments in Kirkcaldy

The next meeting in Dalgety Bay Community Centre, on 4th March 2022, at 7:30pm is about Cacti and Succulents and will be given by Robin Arnott, a Dalgety Bay man and DBHS Annual Show exhibitor. He knows all there is about his subject and his expertise shines through.

I have been told by Fife Council that all restrictions at Dalgety Bay Community Centre, except for the wearing of masks, have been lifted from 1st February 2022. We will have the usual raffle and teas and coffees will be served.

It felt good to have an in-person Community Centre meeting. The only way is up from now on.

The “Jobs for” February part of the DBHS report is on the tips page to see what jobs you should be doing at this time of year.


Michael Gourlay