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September Update

Update for the September 2021 period, including the results from the Annual Show.

We ran the DBHS Annual Show digitally this year. All exhibitors either entered the show by submitting an electronic photograph or by submitting a physical photograph. We had originally planned to store everything electronically and the judges would judge from their computers, but it soon became apparent that this would not be so straightforward, so all of the entries were printed and the judges received paper copies of everything. Turn around was very quick and from close of entries on September 1st, we had all the judging completed, all the points added up and all the money worked out by 12 noon on 4th September.

We started to distribute prize money on 5th September and within the week, it’s almost all been handed out. Many have donated their prize money to DBHS.

It really was a lot of hard work, less physical than the actual show but a lot to remember to do and to organise. Thank you to all the judges and to all the others who have helped make our first and, maybe last, digital show a success. Surely, we will be able to have a normal show in 2022. But, if we don’t, we know how to run a successful digital show.

I have arranged for a couple of the Best in Section entry photographs to be published in the Diary. There were no trophies awarded this year and here are the results:

Section 1: Fruit and Vegetables

  • 1st G & W Bennet
  • 2nd D & J Boath
  • 3rd H Bain

Section 2: Cut Flowers

  • 1st G & W Bennet
  • 2nd T Nelson
  • 3rd D & J Boath

Section 3: Pot Plants

  • 1st G & W Bennet
  • 2nd= I & R Bryson
  • 2nd= J Burrell
  • 3rd R Arnott

Section 4A: Industrious – Baking and Sweets

  • 1st E Bryson
  • 2nd L Melville
  • 3rd G Shah

Section 4B: Industrious – Handicrafts (Traditional)

  • 1st C Fair
  • 2nd I Mayes
  • 3rd H Bain

Section 5: Photography

  • 1st W Allan
  • 2nd T Kille
  • 3rd J Burrell

Section 6A: Young Sections – Young Gardeners

  • No Entries

Section 6B: Young Sections - Young Photographers

  • 1st Finn O’Neil
  • 2nd A Rigden
  • 3rd A O’Neil

Most Points in Whole Show

  • 1st G & W Bennet
  • 2nd D & J Boath
  • 3rd J Burrell

The “Jobs for” September part of the DBHS report is on the tips page to see what jobs you should be doing at this time of year.


Michael Gourlay