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May Update

May 13th, 2021

June’s meeting is, you have guessed, cancelled. Kirsty Wilson was to give us a talk on Plant Hunting in Yunnan, a province of China, but it will be carried forward to 2022. I suppose with all these people cancelling, it will be easier to put a Syllabus together for 2022.

In conversation with Fife Council and others who use the hall, there is a limit to the number of people ho can be in Dalgety Bay Community Centre at the one time. This number is too low for us to justify a meeting. Fife Council is to be keeping me up to date on numbers but until they increase, it is most likely that our future meetings will be cancelled. However, never say never.

The DBHS Annual Plant Sale has been cancelled also. Some said we could have it outside but we are slaves to the weather, and we’ve had some really wet days at the Plant Sale. Leftovers from the Plant Sale usually go to the DBHS stall at the Gala but there is no Gala this year, so no DBHS plant stall.

The May meeting was to have been a visit to Cairn o’Mhor Winery but this was cancelled.

The Annual Show Schedule for the DBHS Annual Show, by photograph, a digital show, is almost ready. All of the Committee have yet to feedback on it, and, hopefully, we will manage to get it circulated to members and past exhibitors with the June Grapevine. This is quite exciting for us and we hope entries will be forthcoming to make it a success There are fewer Sections and fewer Classes but more in the way of prize money and rosettes will be awarded. No trophies, however, will be presented this year.

The “Jobs for” May part of the DBHS report is on the tips page to see what jobs you should be doing at this time of year.

Michael Gourlay