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Here is summary information of the events in the Dalgety Bay 2000 gardening year. Although now at 2011 it's eleven years ago since the Millennium, I plan to keep this page live to mark the continuity of DBHS over the years. Also to register that the DBHS website has been on-line for over ten years.

December 1999. Cheese and Wine Social Evening.

Just under 50 members enjoyed some excellent food and wine. Entertainment was provided by one of Chairman Joe's famous quizzes and a "recording" of Mike Gourlay playing the didgeridoo he bought at the Strathclyde Show last year! A special thanks to all the ladies who did the catering.

January Meeting. Keith Brand on Gladioli.

A good attendence with Keith standing in for Willie Duncan who had to postpone this talk due to an attack of the flu.

February Meeting. Willie Duncan "Scottish Plant Finders of the Last Millennium".

An excellent turnout of 56 for this meeting. Willie Duncan spoke in his inimitable style, with his own brand of humour and the topic was of great interest. Our forefathers were of sterner stuff than today. Imagine losing all your collection, having over 20 companions murdered, escaping by hiding in a river, and walking barefoot for three weeks to get back to civilisation. And after all of that returning in subsequent years for further expeditions. Nowadays an experience like that would warrant post traumatic stress counselling for the rest of your life and appearences on Watchdog to get compensation from the travel company!

March Meeting. Jim McColl "Scotland's National Garden".

This meeting broke all the records with over 180 people attending. Jim McColl gave an extremely funny and informative talk on Scotland's National Garden accompanied by slides of other gardens, the best features of which they hope to emulate. He then went on to answer questions on any gardening topic, again very humorously. Surprisingly our cheque for £ 220 was the start of funds for this project!
Special thanks to David Boath who instigated this event and Claire Greig and her team of tea ladies for the efficient way they served such a large crowd in such a short time.

Jim McColl and our Chairman Joe Meldrum during the event.

April Meeting. Jack Smart "Propagating Fuchsias".

Fuchsias are some of the easiest plants to propagate so we hope this talk encouraged members to have a try.

May's Meeting. Val Davidson's demonstration of Floral Art entitled "Past, Present and Future".

The displays depicted the styles of flower arranging found in the past twenty years. The displays produced during the evening, along with others created earlier, were used as raffle prizes.

June Meeting. "Gardener's Question Time".

Member's gardening problems solved by a panel of local experts (Keith Brand, Frank Austin, David Boath).

July Meeting. Visit to Willie Duncan's Garden.

65 members took up the offer of free bus transport to visit Willie Duncan's garden. A collection was made for "Scotland's Garden" charity and refreshments were kindly provided.

August Meeting. "Preparing for the Show".

David Forrester, plus Keith and Myra Brand gave tips to would-be exhibitors.

September. The Society's Silver Jubilee Show.

picture for the millennium pageLooking at the statistics the number of entries was little more than last year. However, the displays of flowers, vegetables and handicrafts were very good and the number of the public attending was well up on previous years. Special prizes of engraved glasses were awarded to commemorate this special event together with three cut glass bowls from one of our sponsors.

October. Jack McGowan: "An introduction to Cacti and Succulents".

A very interesting talk illustrated by beautiful slides and hints on the care and propagation of these plants. Free seeds were made available to all who attended.

November. The Society's A.G.M. plus plant bring and buy sale.

The A.G.M. was reasonably well attended and volunteers successfully filled the vacant office post of Chairman and Secretary (see the DBHS people page). However, we still require a Show Manager, a Programme Secretary, and a couple more Committee Members.

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