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This is the web site for the Dalgety Bay Horticultural Society (also referred to as "DBHS" in these pages). Dalgety Bay is a small town in the county of Fife in East Central Scotland. DBHS is a Garden Society run for and organised by the people in and around the region bounding Dalgety Bay. The purpose of this web site is to act as a focal point for Society members and as a source of information for like interested horticulturalists and lovers of plants, flowers and gardens.

The intention is that the writings in these pages are contributed by DBHS members and are copyrighted to DBHS.

Pictures and photographs on these pages are also contributed by DBHS members from their own private collections. These graphics are also copyrighted to DBHS.

Permission is hereby granted for this information to be copied and used in relation to the promotion of horticultural matters in other like publications provided that reference is made to Dalgety Bay Horticultural Society as source of that information.

Information on this site is provided as is and the DBHS takes no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of such information.

Please only continue to use this site if you agree with the aims and conditions as stated above.

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